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Flinders Shire covers 41,632km2, with a population of 1569 residents. The shire encompasses the communities of Hughenden, Prairie, Torrens Creek and Stamford.

The main administrative centre is the town of Hughenden which also encompasses the smaller communities of Prairie, Torrens Creek and Stamford. Hughenden is situation on the Flinders River, 386 km west of Townsville and 519 km east of Mount Isa.

The Flinders Shire covers a variety of diverse landscape with four distinct bio-regions within the shire, the natural surrounds are vast and ever changing, amongst these bioregions are four National Parks.

The shire is predominantly a grazing area, with some emerging irrigation pockets. North of the Flinders River is predominately red and black volcanic basalt country and to the south of Hughenden is black soil downs country with open natural grass lands.

Prehistoric history includes finds of a Muttaburrasaurus, Hughenden Sauropod and pieces of the Queensland Pterosaur as well as many ammonites, molluscs and sharks teeth dating back to the Cretaceous era.

The Flinders Highway runs through Hughenden connecting to Townsville (376 km) in the east and Mount Isa (519km) in the west, with a southern sealed road access via the Dinosaur Way to Winton and Longreach. The Kennedy Developmental Road leads north to the Atherton Tablelands and Cairns.

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