You’ll really dig Richmond


Richmond Shire covers an area of 26 602.3 km2 with its administrative centre, the town of Richmond, situated on the southern banks of the Queensland’s longest river, the Flinders. Richmond sits approximately 522km west of Townsville on Queensland’s east coast and is in the centre of the state’s North West region.

Richmond’s iconic, open grasslands, and northern forests support a strong beef cattle grazing industry. Cattle are sold from Richmond to the southern market, feedlots, live export and processing sectors. The grazing industry employs the greatest number of people within the Shire.

Tourism is also an important, evolving industry for Richmond, and centres around the well known Kronosaurus Korner marine fossil museum, and Richmond’s reputation as being an excellent destination for finding marine fossils. 

Richmond’s major industries offer great potential for growth, including agriculture, tourism and mining.

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