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The councils of North West Queensland are prepared to be the first point of contact for our communities to provide information and direction in the event of a natural disaster.


Preparing for and delivering effective disaster management

Each council has a Local Disaster Management Plan which draws on the collective knowledge across agencies and the community to ensure it is effective and locally relevant. The plan details the arrangements and responsibilities of response agencies, government and other organisations.

Council also coordinates its Local Disaster Management Group. Members include council, emergency services and community representatives. Through the work of the Local Disaster Management Group councils are committed to providing leadership in disaster management with support from district and state-level groups.

The preparation of Local Disaster Management Plans and Local Disaster Management Groups, are undertaken in accordance with the Disaster Management Act (2003) to provide for effective disaster management in local government areas.


Combining their experience and local know-how, six NWQROC member councils - Carpentaria, Cloncurry, Doomadgee, Flinders, McKinlay and Richmond - have developed the Get Ready NWQ online resource to ensure locally relevant information is easily accessible for locals and visitors. 

Carpentaria Shire logo

Carpentaria Shire Council

The Carpentaria Shire is no stranger to hazardous weather conditions. Council works hard to ensure the region is ready for disaster and it is important that you are prepared as well. By being prepared and informed you can significantly reduce the impacts of disasters to you, your family and your property.

Council ensures a safe, effective and efficient response to a disaster events with its coordinated disaster management arrangements at all levels of Government.

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Cloncurry Shire logo

Cloncurry Shire Council

Cloncurry Shire Council through the work of the Local Disaster Management Group will maintain its commitment to effective disaster management for the Shire. Council ensures a safe, effective and efficient response to a disaster events with its coordinated disaster management arrangements at all levels of government.

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Doomadgee Council logo

Doomadgee Aboriginal Shire Council

Doomadgee Aboriginal Shire Council works hard with its community to be prepared for natural disasters. Council plays a key role along with its community in preparing for cyclone season. Council provides updates and information as well as coordinating preparation activities such as town clean-ups.

Doomadgee Council has developed a disaster management plan for its community, and ensures a safe, effective and efficient response to a disaster events.

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Flinders Shire logo

Flinders Shire Council

From floods to storms to fires, Flinders Shire Council is prepared to lead its community in the face of natural disasters. Council has developed a Disaster Management Plan that outlines the responsibilities and actions to be undertaken in responding to a natural disaster.
Flinders Shire maintains an online Disaster Dashboard that provides live updates relevant to the region.

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McKinlay Shire logo

McKinlay Shire Council

McKinlay Shire Council has the primary responsibility for managing the impacts of disasters and emergencies within our boundaries. The McKinlay Shire Council Disaster Management Plan outlines its disaster management system roles and responsibilities, and provides a framework of sub-plans for our most likely threats, and for the recovery phase following an event.

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Richmond Shire logo

Richmond Shire Council

Richmond Shire Council has been proactive over a number of years, and has undertaken disaster mitigation and natural disaster mitigation studies to assist us in preventing, preparing for, responding to and recovering from events, including severe storms, bush fires and natural disasters that may impact on our community.

Council has developed a Disaster Management Plan that should be used by the community as a valuable resource to assist in your own planning and actions in the event of a disaster.

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Burke Shire logo

Burke Shire Council

The Burke Shire is no stranger to natural disasters, the towns and properties in the shire are regularly isolated for long periods and primary producers all too often suffer losses through flood.

The Burke Local Disaster Management Group is a dedicated group of council and non council staff that works throughout the year to reduce the impact of natural disaster on the residents of the shire. This group is fully supported by the Burke Shire Council and the council is committed to ensuring the safety and sustainability of the shire through best practice disaster management.

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Mount Isa City logo

Mount Isa City Council

Mount Isa City Council's Disaster Management Plan aims to minimise the effects of disasters or significant emergencies within the community by ensuring a coordinated, risk management approach involving Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recover strategies at Local, State and Federal Government levels. Visit the Mount Isa website for more information.

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