Carpentaria Shire


The Carpentaria Shire is no stranger to hazardous weather conditions. Council works hard to ensure the region is ready for disasters and it is important that you are prepared as well. By being prepared and informed you can significantly reduce the impacts of disasters to you, your family and your property.

Council ensures a safe, effective and efficient response to a disaster events with its coordinated disaster management arrangements at all levels of Government.

Take a look at the information below for Carpentaria Shire Council. 


Council preparation and responses

  • Council maintains an up-to-date Disaster Management Dashboard on its website:
  • Council provides advice to all township residents of when preparation activities are happening including pre-cyclone hard waste collection to remove any loose or dangerous items.
  • In preparation, residents and visitors can access helpful information in The Carpentaria Disaster Information Booklet.  
  • Council, working through the Local Disaster Management Group, is prepared to lead a disaster response and will provide updates and advice to the community including its website and Facebook page.


Local checklist
  • Check council’s website and Facebook page for updates - council will provide information which can include event status, road condition reports, alerts and responses such as evacuations.
  • Listen to ABC radio and/or television for updates.
  • Listen for messages and warnings on landlines or mobiles that may be provided through Emergency Alert.
  • Check weather warning and status updates on the Bureau of Meteorology website
  • Act quickly on instruction and advice given by council and other authorities.
  • Check with emergency authorities (such as Rural Fire and Emergency Services) updates – see our GET INFORMED page for a detailed list. 

Roads, weather & flood cameras

If you wish to stay informed on current road conditions, flood camera feeds as well as a copy of Council's Road Report is updated onto Council's website. (Local visitor information centres may also be able to provide/display these updates.) Take a look at current road, weather and feeds from floods cameras on Carpentaria Shire's website

Council also connects to the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads for updates about road conditions in our region. This information is available at the Qld Traffic website or call 13 19 40.


Carpentaria Shire Council Disaster management plan

The Carpentaria Local Disaster Management Plan details the disaster management arrangements for the area, and outlines the roles and responsibilities of the various agencies involved in disaster management. In accordance with the Local Disaster Management Plan, Council have also implemented an Evacuation Plan.


Disaster recovery

Carpentaria Shire Council provides current disaster recovery information on its website at:

Local community connections

See further contacts and resources on the GET INFORMED page.