Whether you live or are travelling in North West Queensland, a little research and preparation goes a long way.

Being prepared can save lives, save money and can speed up recovery.

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Hear from the locals

We'll be updating these pages with more handy local information from leaders and people in our communities throughout this wet season.  



North West Queenslanders

So you're lucky enough to be a local? Households that are well prepared before a natural disaster occurs are more resilient and are able to recover faster.  

  1. Prepare your emergency kit for at home.
  2. Make your ‘WHAT-IF…’ plan today to protect what’s most important to you before the next disaster hits - read more.

Take a look at what locals across our region had to say when we asked about preparing for disaster season. >>

How do North West Queenslanders Get Ready?


Planning a holiday or travelling through for work? For anyone travelling in the region, it’s very important to be aware of weather and road conditions, things can change pretty quickly even in the  wide open spaces of the Outback.

Check in with locals and council information on what’s happening and what your options are in the event of a natural disaster.

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<< Here are a few hints and tips from locals on how you can be prepared ahead of travel and what you may need to consider when travelling in our region. 

How can you Get Ready and plan your trip?


Protecting your business is more than securing your premises.

If you own a business in Queensland, you should understand potential risks to be able to reduce the impact of disasters. 

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We asked the leaders of our region's Local Disaster Management Groups, the Mayors of North West Queensland, what does council do to be prepared for disasters? >>

What does council do to Get Ready?