The Federal Government has today announced yet another southern “Capital City Deal” - signing a $551million deal to underpin a "bright future" for Adelaide - while our North West Queensland communities continue to be left in the dark.

As our region begins its long-term recovery from the recent devastating flooding, the government is instead focused on delivering a long-term deal framed as making yet another southern capital city ‘more liveable’ - while our regions still lack critical investment in living essentials for infrastructure, transport and social services.

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North Qld delegation with Deputy PM McCormack

Region-wide response critical to northern recovery say flood affected mayors


The collective force of leaders from across flood-hit northern Queensland have made their mark in Canberra as they push for a united regional recovery response.

A North and North West Queensland delegation, joined by peak industry bodies have met with key Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet ministers including Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack MP and opposition leader Bill Shorten MP in Canberra over the past two days.

Our united approach sends a clear message that we look after each other in the north and we leave no one behind.

We know it would be difficult for Townsville to get back on its feet if North West Queensland isn’t firing and delivering resources through the port; and if the roads from Townsville and through our region are shot, that cripples North and North West Queensland. So that investment in our remote communities is not only essential for our future, you won’t break the unemployment cycle in the regional cities either.

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Mayor Jane McNamara welcomes ADF

Leaders from across Northern Queensland start road to recovery in Canberra


Leaders from North West Queensland are in Canberra this week as part of a united Northern Queensland delegation meeting with our nation’s leaders to continue to push for recovery support following the devastating flooding events across the state’s north.

Burke Shire Mayor, Cr Ernie Camp, Mount Isa City Mayor, Cr Joyce McCulloch, and NWQ Regional Organisation of Councils Executive Officer, Greg Hoffman PSM, will join Townsville Enterprise, North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils and peak industry bodies. 

The delegation will take a united message from the North to Parliament House seeking immediate action on the economic rebuild of communities across North Queensland and North West Queensland in the wake of one of the most devastating natural disasters we have seen in recent memory.

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Richmond Shire Council flooding

NWQ needs a regional deal for the future - now more than ever


As North West Queensland faces the road to recovery from its greatest natural disaster, the leaders of the region have made a call to the wider community on their urgent need for a fair regional “Future Deal” from Canberra.

Even as our region counts its losses from devastating flooding, the Federal Government is set to deliver yet another “City Deal”, ramping up its already significant investment in South East Queensland.

Representing the eight regional Mayors and Carpentaria Shire, Mayor Cr Jack Bawden said politicians are yet to commit to the necessary deal for our region and is time for real regional investment beyond the east coast.

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NWQROC news tile McKinlay road

NWQROC 2019-20 pre-Budget Submission


The leaders of North West Queensland have delivered a submission to the federal Treasurer ahead of the 2019-20 Budget as they continue their push to secure a fair deal for the region.

Each hardworking local in North West Queensland (NWQ) contributes $176,000 per capita to the national economy –nearly three times more than elsewhere in Queensland at only $66,000.

Despite this significant impact on our nation’s economy, we don’t see the return on investment we deserve.

Without fair investment from Canberra and Brisbane in infrastructure, communications and community our small, local communities can’t keep delivering this massive contribution that our whole nation benefits from.

While the Government has “city deals” for selected urban areas, we are simply asking for a better “regional deal” for our local region.

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NWQROC board meeting - Hughenden

Board meeting starts 2019 with a splash


The first NWQROC board meeting of 2019 was hosted in Hughenden, with a three-day agenda scheduled from 30 January to 1 February 2019.

Roads, water and sewerage were top of agenda for Mayors, Deputies, CEOs and other attendees from councils and agencies. Rain in the region was a welcome late addition to the agenda.

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NWQROC news Christmas

News from the North West - Summer 2018/19


We’ve come a long way since 2013 when the NWQROC was established. As the end of 2018 draws near, this edition of News from the North West looks back on the year and see all that NWQROC has achieved in the last 12 months or so.

Take a look at at just some of our highlights and achievements in 2018.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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NWQROC news tile3

NWQROC response on future of Longreach Ag College


The North West Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (NWQROC) recognises the significant economic and social impact the Longreach Pastoral College has had on its local community and beyond.

NWQROC calls on the Queensland Government to work with the Central West Queensland organisation of councils (RAPAD) in determining the future of the Longreach Pastoral College.

NWQROC Executive Officer Greg Hoffman PSM said the eight mayors of the North West Queensland were most concerned when the Queensland Government announced the college would close at the end of 2019 as recommended in the Coaldrake Report.

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NWQROC mayors in Canberra for Election Platform launch 2018

Collaborative six-point election platform gets tick of approval in Canberra


The $5.1 billion region of North West Queensland was put firmly in the political spotlight as community leaders launched their first election campaign platform in Canberra on 27 November.

Chair of the North West Regional Organisation of Councils, Mayor Jack Bawden said the leaders had come together to ensure a strategic, collective voice was heard on the national stage to make sure their communities and local businesses stay productive for the future.

“We were congratulated on our coordinated approach, with the platform well received as clear, concise and focussed,” Cr Bawden said.

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NWQROC election campaign meeting

NWQ community leaders set to take election campaign to voters across the country


Community leaders from North West Queensland will be taking their fight for a fairer regional deal to the voters of Australia following the launch of their first election campaign platform in Canberra today.

North West Queensland is part of Australia’s engine room pumping over $5billion in to the economy yet these hard-working communities barely get the smell of an oily rag.

Chair of the North West Regional Organisation of Councils, Mayor Jack Bawden said today’s launch was the first step in an ongoing campaign that will see them take their message far beyond their region.

“While we’re not naturally political, we know how to work hard and we’re ready to get out there and start making our voices heard - and to be a pain to politicians if we have to,” Cr Bawden said.

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NWQROC 2019ElectionPlatform cover

North West Queensland mayors head to Canberra to fight for fairer regional deal


Leaders from the eight councils of North West Queensland are stepping into the national political arena and are on the road to Canberra and beyond to launch their first national campaign ahead of the next federal election.

North West Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (NWQROC) will officially launch its campaign on Monday 26 November 2018 at Parliament House.

This federal election and beyond, the Mayors, Councils and our communities are asking political leaders to support this local vision to make North West Queensland a region attractive for people and businesses to live, work and invest – and actually develop and properly fund a regional plan.

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NWQROC news 2 Oct 2018

Almost 60% of Queensland has united to call on the Federal Government to increase overall funding for local government


Almost 60% of Queensland has united to call on the Federal Government to increase overall funding for local government and to put in place targeted funding programs for rural and remote councils. 

The 21 councils ranging from the Gulf of Carpentaria to the New South Wales border, generate $9.35B of the State’s Gross Product from 1.3 per cent of the Queensland’s population. 

This contribution, coming from the resources and agricultural sectors, is 2.2 times per capita above the Queensland average, demonstrating the value of the Western Queensland regions to the State and national economies. 

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Century Mine Overview of Operations

Something old; something new: jobs flow as mine ‘recycled’


Jobs and a new export product are flowing as a $50 million New Century Resources project brings new life to a former north-west Queensland mine.

The project includes the mine site at Lawn Hill, where New Century re-processes zinc tailings, a 304 kilometre pipeline to transport zinc slurry, and a port facility at Karumba in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

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Shire Office thumb

Major Irrigated Agricultural Development Project a big boost for NWQ


Queensland’s independent Coordinator-General has declared Flinders Shire Council’s proposed 918-hectare irrigated agricultural development a coordinated project, to create jobs and drive sustainable economic activity in the region.

The proposed 15 Mile Irrigated Agricultural Development Project on the banks of the Flinders River near Hughenden has the potential to create an initial 60-hectares of irrigated land for table grapes and 60-hectares of citrus crops for market.

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about us board photo

Federal election on the agenda as north west Queensland councils set course for the future


Leaders from the eight councils of North West Queensland will meet in Karumba on 7 – 8 August, renewing their drive to shape the future of the region ahead of the next federal election.

NWQROC Chair, and Mayor of Carpentaria Shire Council, Cr Jack Bawden said the meeting marked a pivotal point for NWQROC as the region’s importance on state and national agendas continued to grow. “Through NWQROC we’re putting locals in the driver’s seat to ensure that North West Queensland is in the best position to be heard and to take advantage of growing opportunities."

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