The Federal Government has today announced yet another southern “Capital City Deal” - signing a $551million deal to underpin a "bright future" for Adelaide - while our North West Queensland communities continue to be left in the dark.

As our region begins its long-term recovery from the recent devastating flooding, the government is instead focused on delivering a long-term deal framed as making yet another southern capital city ‘more liveable’ - while our regions still lack critical investment in living essentials for infrastructure, transport and social services. 

The leaders of North West Queensland have clearly outlined our communities needs in our Six-Point Plan for a fair, long-term Regional Deal to address these deficits across our region. We have met with and have ongoing communication with key members of the government, opposition and the crossbench - but still have no commitment.

North West Queensland is too valuable to the national and state economy to be overlooked. Each hardworking local contributes $176,000 to the national economy - almost three times that of elsewhere in Queensland. 

While the government might be eyeing the likes of space exploration with its latest investment; we want to bring them back to earth to the real issues facing real Australians who deserve better.

In our region, local councils and communities fill the gaps, whereas the people benefiting from these southern “Capital City Deals” don’t have to think twice where their services come from. Our councils have to manage $2.63 billion in assets including 11,000km of roads, water and treatment plants across, childcare centres, regional airports and community services – all on an annual budget of only $177 million. 

Our Six-point Plan clearly outlines – even before the disaster – a detailed way forward for our diverse region with reliable energy, roads, dams and water, first world communications and funding community services in a way that suits remote communities.

We were hit hard by the floods and acknowledge the sentiment and initial support we have received. Now all we’re asking is for politicians to take this opportunity to help us build a better future.

For too long we’ve been overlooked. These issues continue to be ignored and seeing yet another big southern capital city get a deal while we can’t get a commitment, is another kick in the teeth. So, we need help to get some real action. 

We know many people in the real world do care and that is so important to us. So, we are asking for those who care to please help us to get the politicians to listen and we will let you know what response we get. If you haven’t made up your mind this election, maybe how they treat us in this moment – your mates up north - might just help you decide.

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Contact: Greg Hoffman PSM - Executive Officer, NWQROC | 0418 756 005 |

Download the NWQROC Six-point Plan at: