More than $5billion injected into the economy annually, industries that have survived (even grown!) during the COVID-19 pandemic, a region of lifters committed to growing not only their region, but sharing the benefits with the State – that’s worth investing in! 

Today the eight councils of North West Queensland launched their 2020 Election Platform and will be calling on candidates to commit to its plan to supercharge the North West region and Queensland post-COVID and long-term. 

North West Queensland is an economic powerhouse with its North West Minerals Province, massive and productive agricultural holdings and a burgeoning and stunning outback tourism industry. Each hardworking local contributes $176,000 per capita to the national economy compared to $66,000 elsewhere in Queensland. 

The region has a clear message ahead of the election in October - for us to keep up this momentum there needs to be real investment and real collaboration to help all Queenslanders unite and recover!

Chair of the North West Regional Organisation of Councils, Mayor Jack Bawden said NWQROC’s Election Platform is focussed on just that: “We’re not asking to reinvent the wheel, or to fund unrealistic ideas and initiatives. This is about building on what already exists, what already has been done or what already has been identified.”

“As a region we punch well above our weight, continuing to deliver despite prolonged droughts, severe floods, high cost of living, inadequate and aging infrastructure, small population centres and global pandemics. The State would be in a pretty poor position right now without us, imagine what we could do with real, sustained investment.”

“That’s because our communities are lifters and are committed to making North West Queensland a region attractive for people and businesses to live, work and invest,” Cr Bawden said.

“As the eight councils that make up NWQROC, we understand the value of collaboration, we understand our communities and we understand the potential of this region to deliver for the rest of Queensland, especially as we unite and recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

Whilst much good work has been done by all levels of government with respect to policies, plans and strategies, now is the time for regionally targeted action, immediate commitments to, and long term investment in region shaping projects.

“With much needed investment in vital infrastructure such as roads, water, housing, energy and connectivity, our industries that already contribute so much can continue to grow and deliver even more for Queensland into the future.

“We’re always ready to step up and work together in the North West, and our platform highlights our collaboration and the key election priorities we share as part of the 21 councils that form the Western Queensland Alliance of Councils,” Cr Bawden said. 

“We look forward to working with the parties contesting the 2020 State Election and sharing with our communities how each will commit to make this region, and in turn Queensland, even stronger.”

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