NWQ community leaders set to take election campaign to voters across the country

Community leaders from North West Queensland will be taking their fight for a fairer regional deal to the voters of Australia following the launch of their first election campaign platform in Canberra today.

North West Queensland is part of Australia’s engine room pumping over $5billion in to the economy, with hard-working North West Queenslanders contributing nearly three times more per capita to the rest of the country - some $176,000 per capita to the national economy compared to $66,000 from elsewhere in Queensland. Yet these hard-working communities barely get the smell of an oily rag. 

Chair of the North West Regional Organisation of Councils, Mayor Jack Bawden said today’s launch was the first step in an ongoing campaign that will see them take their message far beyond their region. 

“While we’re not naturally political, we know how to work hard and we’re ready to get out there and start making our voices heard - and to be a pain to politicians if we have to,” Cr Bawden said.

“Like so many Australians we want to take back control of our future regardless of where we live.

“It’s time to move beyond talk and no action, so we’ve developed a six-point plan for reliable energy, roads, dams and water, first world communications and funding community services in a way that suits remote communities. This plan clearly outlines what our community needs, to deliver now and for the future of our diverse region”.

“We aren’t Liberal or National or Labor or Katter or Hanson - we are not very political at all. We are Australians and local communities who are often being ignored.”

“Our ask is simple – a coordinated Regional Deal to support a range of initiatives across priority areas for our region,” Cr Bawden said. “And politicians will be surprised during this coming campaign when and where we might turn up to make our voice heard”.

“We’ll be targeting places where our voice might make a difference and connect with other Aussies who, like us, are fed up,” he said. 

“Our message to them will be – if you really don’t know which party is or isn’t worth supporting, then think about not just what’s happening near you, but what’s affecting your mates up our way. 

Cr Bawden said the region had a positive impact right across the nation from its mines boosting port towns, to its agricultural and fisheries sectors delivering world-class food to businesses and families.

“Our region is a great place to live and work and it’s an important part of our nation’s economy. But we need investment and support to keep our communities firing,” Cr Bawden said.

“This federal election and beyond, the Mayors, Councils and our communities are asking political leaders to actually develop and properly fund a regional plan.”

“If politicians really want to this key part of Northern Australia to advance, here’s the plan to start getting them there.”

For more information and to download the Election Platform visit: www.nwqroc.com.au/FairRegionalDeal 


Greg Hoffman PSM

Executive Officer, NWQROC

Mobile: 0418 756 005

Email: nwqroc@carpentaria.qld.gov.au

Mayors meeting in Brisbane prior to heading to Canberra - pictured back row: Cr Jack Bawden (Carpentaria), Greg Hoffman PSM (Executive Officer), front row seated: Cr Ernie Camp (Burke), Cr Belinda Murphy (McKinlay), Cr John Wharton (Richmond) and Cr Jane McNamara (Flinders).

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