Unlock the North, Progress the State

Townsville Enterprise wrapped up a 1000-kilometre road trip this week, highlighting to its extensive national stakeholder base the importance of the North West to the future of Queensland.

Travelling from Townsville to Mount Isa, the North West Queensland road trip aimed to demonstrate how unlocking the value of the North West Minerals Province will drive new jobs and assist Queensland’s recovery post COVID-19.

Townsville Enterprise CEO Patricia O’Callaghan and Director of Policy and Investment Wayde Chiesa met with leaders from major mining operations including Ravenswood Gold, South32 Cannington mine, Incitec Pivot, MMG Dugald River and Glencore Mount Isa as well as local government representatives, regional chambers of commerce and community representatives along the corridor.

The decision to ‘hit the road’ comes after a recent Townsville Enterprise mining and resources round table where member feedback highlighted the need for Government policy and regulation reviews to free up red tape and fully develop the economic opportunities in the north west.

FIND OUT MORE and watch the videos from the road at Townsville Enterprise website.