Our six-point federal election platform

Following the positive response and outcomes from our Federal Election Campaign, NWQROC is preparing its 2020 State Election Strategy. We are continuing our drive for fair government investment in our region and will hit the campaign trail once again ahead of the election on 31 October 2020. 


About our 2019 Federal Election campaign

Did you know that each hardworking local contributes $176,000 per capita to the national economy compared to $66,000 elsewhere in Queensland? But, our local communities are only small and can’t keep delivering this massive contribution without proper investment from Canberra and Brisbane in infrastructure, communications and community. While the Government has “City Deals” for selected urban areas, we are simply asking for a better “Regional Deal” for our local region. 

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Our Six Point Plan for a fairer “Regional Deal” for
North West Queensland Communities


1. Fair funding for our beef, freight and tourism roads and railways

– that connect our communities to our markets and the rest of Australia.

2. Power policy for the real world including remote Australia

- harnessing a balanced mix of technologies so local families and businesses get reliable, affordable, local power solutions. That includes cleaner gas from our northern gas basins, solar farms for our plentiful sun, distributed solutions where unreliable SWER networks don’t work and better networks where they do work.

3. Investing in water infrastructure and dams

- so that our productive farmers and agribusinesses can harvest our plentiful water and continue to be profitable through floods and drought.

4. Build and sustain our productive regions with sustainable populations

- through immigration incentives and correct tax arrangements.

5. First world telecommunications and connectivity

– increased access to affordable high-speed internet for councils, businesses and community.

6. Funding and delivering community services in a way that works for remote areas.

Giving local government the tools, funding and support to do what state and federal governments can’t.



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