Shaping the future of our region

As leaders of the North West Queensland communities, the mayors and council representatives of NWQROC play a key role in strategic planning and advocacy for the region. Below are just some of the initiatives undertaken by NWQROC as we aim to shape the future of our region. 

QRA meeting 3 September 2019

NWQROC on the road to regional solutions

3 September 2019

The North Queensland Livestock Industry Recovery Agency (NQLIRA) held a series of stakeholder events across Northern Queensland in collaboration with other government agencies throughout August and September.

We were pleased to have the opportunity to put the case for the North West’s long-term future when the Federal and State governments are focused on the region like never before.

NWQROC JuliaCreek 30 31July board 4

Meetings Set Strategic Direction Towards 2020

31 July 2019

North West Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (NWQROC) held a board meeting in Julia Creek on 30-31 July 2019. The agenda included discussion on the upcoming 2020 State Election, continuing our drive to deliver a Regional Deal and the Queensland Government’s Draft North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy.

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BushCouncils 2019

Bush Councils Convention 2019

8 August 2019

The Bush Councils Convention 2019 was held in Roma on 6 – 8 August by the Local Government Association of Queensland. It proved to be an impressive two days with the event highlighting the strengths of our regional councils and provided a valuable platform for productive conversations.

Our Mayors once again proudly represented our region, continuing their drive to deliver a fair regional deal for the North West.

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NWQROC mayors in Townsville

NWQROC takes campaign to Herbert

9 MAY 2019

The NWQROC mayors, deputy mayors and CEOs took their fight for a fair regional deal to the electorate of Herbert with a clear message for candidates - a strong Townsville, needs a strong North West Queensland.

The mayors chose to meet in Townsville (9-10 May) inviting parties and candidates to take a final opportunity to formally respond to their request for a better regional deal before the Federal Election.

Over the last six months, NWQROC called on the Government, Opposition and Cross Bench to commit to our Six-Point Plan for a better regional deal. During the visit to Townsville NWQROC met with representatives from Labor, the Coalition, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, United Australia Party and Katter’s Australian Party.

NWQROC news budget

Budget response from North West Queensland

4 April 2019

NWQROC delivered its response to the 2019 Federal Budget to politicians in Canberra. While the budget has delivered some welcome good news for North West Queensland, local leaders point to significant gaps that still need to be addressed to deliver the fair regional deal our region deserves.

The nine mayors of our region welcomed Budget commitments that will have an impact on the region and commend the government for its support and approach to working with the locals following the unprecedented flooding events earlier this year.

Greg and Stephen Jones MP

Ongoing discussions for a fair regional deal

21 March 2019

NWQROC continues to seek commitment from all political parties to deliver fair, long-term investment in NWQ communities.

In Cairns for a full discussion across all six points in our Election Platform - NWQROC Executive Officer Greg Hoffman met with Stephen Jones MP, Shadow Minister for Shadow Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government.

NWQROC Adelaide

NWQROC responds to federal Adelaide City deal

19 March 2019

NWQROC has responded to the federal government's latest announcement of yet another southern “Capital City Deal” - signing a $551million deal to underpin a "bright future" for Adelaide - while our North West Queensland communities continue to be left in the dark.

As our region begins its long-term recovery from the recent devastating flooding, the government is instead focused on delivering a long-term deal framed as making yet another southern capital city ‘more liveable’ - while our regions still lack critical investment in living essentials for infrastructure, transport and social services.

Delegation meeting with opposition leader Bill Shorten MP

NWQROC representatives take region-wide recovery message to Canberra

20 February2019

A great opportunity for the united North and North West Queensland delegation to meet with key Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet ministers including Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack MP and opposition leader Bill Shorten MP in Canberra over the past two discuss the region-wide response needed for the long-term recovery from devastating floods for industries, business and communities across northern Queensland.

Mayor Jane McNamara welcomes ADF

NWQROC starts road to recovery in Canberra

19 FEBRUARY 2019

Leaders from North West Queensland travelled to Canberra as part of a united Northern Queensland delegation meeting with our nation’s leaders to continue to push for recovery support following the devastating flooding events across the state’s north.

Burke Shire Mayor, Cr Ernie Camp, Mount Isa City Mayor, Cr Joyce McCulloch, and NWQROC Executive Officer, Greg Hoffman PSM, will join Townsville Enterprise, North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils and peak industry bodies.


NWQROC responds to federal South East Queensland regional deal

13 February 2019

As North West Queensland faces the road to recovery from its greatest natural disaster, the leaders of the region responded to the latest announcement from the federal government backing another “City Deal” which ramps up its already significant investment in South East Queensland.

As the representative body for the eight councils of North West Queensland, NWQROC has call out politicians who are yet to commit to the necessary deal for our region and is time for real regional investment beyond the east coast.Now more than ever as our region counts its losses from devastating flooding we need for a fair regional “Future Deal” from Canberra.


NWQROC Pre-Budget 2019-20 Submission

1 February 2019

North West Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils delivered its pre-budget submission to the federal treasurer outlining the priorities for our region.

Shaped by our six-point Election Platform, this Federal Budget submission clearly outlines the way forward for our diverse region with reliable energy, roads, dams and water, first world communications and funding community services in a way that suits remote communities.

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NWQROC board meeting - Hughenden

Board meeting starts 2019 with a splash

30 January-1 February 2019

The first NWQROC board meeting of 2019 was hosted in Hughenden, with a three-day agenda scheduled from 30 January to 1 February 2019.

Significant rainfall across parts of the region was a most welcome addition to our meeting agenda as attendees were able to watch the Flinders River begin to flow - a wonderful sight! By the morning of Saturday 2 February, the Flinders River had gone from dry riverbed to flowing, and Hughenden had already recorded 80mm of rain. Here’s hoping this rain event continues south and provides more of those in need with a good soaking.

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Election Platform launch media call

NWQROC puts our region on the agenda in Canberra

26-27 November 2018

North West Queensland was put firmly in the political spotlight as community leaders met with representatives and launched our first election platform in Canberra 26-27 November 2018.

The delegation included the mayors from Carpentaria Shire Council, Burke Shire Council, Cloncurry Shire Council, Flinders Shire Council, McKinlay Shire Council, Mount Isa City Council and Richmond Shire Council, together with NWQROC Executive Officer, Greg Hoffman PSM.

Our six-point Election Platform ensures a strategic, collective voice is heard on the national stage, making sure our communities and local businesses stay productive for the future.

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NWQROC election campaign meeting

NWQROC mayors get ready to head to Canberra

22-23 November 2018

The NWQROC board met in Brisbane on 22-23 November ahead of launching our first national campaign calling for a fair regional deal ahead of the next federal election and beyond.

In addition to preparing for the launch of the NWQROC election platform, the agenda included discussions on key priority areas and issues for the region, as well as discussions with Director General of the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Mr Neil Scales OBE.

We were also pleased to have the Honourable Jackie Trad MP, Treasurer and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, join us as we wrapped up the two-day meeting.

Read more about NWQROC's six-point Election Platform.

2019 Election
NWQROC news 2 Oct 2018

Local governments of Western Queensland unite

1 October 2018

NWQROC has united with the Remote Area Planning and Development Board and the South West Queensland councils to call on the federal government to increase overall funding for local government and to put in place targeted funding programs for rural and remote councils.

The 21 councils represent 60% of the State, ranging from the Gulf of Carpentaria to the New South Wales border, generate $9.35B of the State’s Gross Product from 1.3 per cent of the Queensland’s population.

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NWQROC meeting - May 2018

Meeting with Queensland Ministers and representatives

2 May 2018

The NWQROC board hit the road again as it hosted its regular board meeting in Brisbane on 2 May 2018.

Taking advantage of the prime location and timing with parliament sitting, the board delivered a full agenda including state government ministers, opposition, cross-bench and key departmental representatives at the Parliamentary Annexe.

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North West Futures Forum 2018

North West Futures Forum 2018

29 August 2018

The Queensland Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning held the North West Futures Forum on 29 August 2018 in Mount Isa. The forum provided information about key actions that are being delivered across the three strategic priorities of A Strategic Blueprint for Queensland’s North West Minerals Province.

NWQROC mayors and council CEOs attended along with business and industry leaders and community representatives.

Our leaders also took the opportunity to meet with key representatives in attendance including the Hon Cameron Dick MP, Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning (pictured left).

Karumba board meeting1

NWQROC Strategic Plan 2018-2021

7 August 2018

Our new Strategic Plan 2018-2021 was adopted at the recent board meeting held in Karumba.

The Strategic Plan sets out agreed regional priorities which provide a framework for NWQROC's work.

Download the Strategic Plan
about us board photo

Federal Election on agenda at Karumba board meeting

7-8 August 2018

NWQROC directors along with council, state and federal government representatives met in Karumba on 7 – 8 August 2018, renewing our drive to shape the future of the region ahead of the next federal election.

The meeting marked a pivotal point for NWQROC as the region’s importance on state and national agendas continued to grow.

With the next federal election on the horizon and this meeting marked the start of our campaign as we develop a strategy for the 2019 Federal election.

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our work

Executive Officer listening tour

3 August 2018

Our Executive Officer Greg Hoffman PSM was on a listening tour to Mount Isa City Council this week.

Another great opportunity to connect with member councils as we look forward to an exciting new chapter for NWQROC and shaping the future of our region.

Northern Alliance of Councils 2018

2018 Northern Alliance of Councils Conference

21 August 2018

It was great to be a part of the 2018 Northern Alliance of Councils Conference in Ingham with NWQROC's Executive Officer Greg Hoffman PSM part of a strong NWQ contingent including Mayors and representatives from our councils.

Our thanks to hosts Hinchinbrook Shire Council for a fantastic event.