The leaders of North West Queensland have delivered a submission to the federal Treasurer ahead of the 2019-20 Budget as they continue their push to secure a fair deal for the region.

Each hardworking local in North West Queensland (NWQ) contributes $176,000 per capita to the national economy – nearly three times more than elsewhere in Queensland at only $66,000.

Despite this significant impact on our nation’s economy, we don’t see the return on investment we deserve.

Without fair investment from Canberra and Brisbane in infrastructure, communications and community our small, local communities can’t keep delivering this massive contribution that our whole nation benefits from. 

While the Government has “city deals” for selected urban areas, we are simply asking for a better “regional deal” for our local region. 

Our leaders took this message to Canberra in November last year, launching our first NWQ Election Platform as well as meeting with key federal representatives across a full two-day agenda.  

Shaped by the six-point Election Platform, our Federal Budget submission clearly outlines the way forward for our diverse region with reliable energy, roads, dams and water, first world communications and funding community services in a way that suits remote communities.

As the federal election approaches, we’ll be keeping up the pressure to secure support for all of our region.

We’ll be going beyond our boundaries and taking our messages to the voters around Australia who like us, are fed up and want to take back control of our future. We are determined to put our region on the agenda and be a pain if we have to.

The regional approach delivered through North West Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils ensures a strategic, collective voice is heard on the national stage making sure our communities and local businesses stay productive for the future.

Members of North West Regional Organisation of Councils includes: Carpentaria Shire Council, Burke Shire Council, Cloncurry Shire Council, Doomadgee Aboriginal Shire Council, Flinders Shire Council, McKinlay Shire Council, Mount Isa City Council and Richmond Shire Council.


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