Working together to shape the future of our region

The North West Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (NWQROC) was established by the eight councils of the North West Queensland region in 2013 to advocate and deliver on agreed priorities for the region.

NWQROC plays a vital role in working with councils, industry, representative bodies and all levels of government to advocate for the region – shaping strategic plans, promoting its assets, attracting investment and ensuring sustainable development across our diverse communities.

Our work is shaped by our mission: to make North West Queensland a region attractive for people and businesses to live, work and invest.


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Shaping the future of our reigon

The NWQROC mayors and Executive Officer, Greg Hoffman PSM, in Canberra for the NWQROC six-point election platform launch

NWQROC Strategic Plan

NWQROC is committed to delivering on agreed regional priorities that focus on:

  • Government and stakeholder engagement
  • Regional and economic development
  • Regional infrastructure, transport networks and workforce capability
  • Environment, natural assets and climate impacts
  • Health and education
  • Telecommunication and internet services


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